Greg Roberts

Nitty Gritty ,who is Greg Roberts was born in Memphis Tennessee and now residing in Somerville Tennessee where he calls home.

He brings a unique style of country rap(hick hop) and he is pioneering music for the horse community which includes himself.

His new single “3 up 1 down” and the music video have taken the horse community by storm and is virally spreading with over 100,000 views in a short period of time.

Since the release he has done interviews with “Nashville Entertainment weekly tv” and “The standardbred connection”(popular horse magazine).




He has been asked to be the first artist to perform at “Big Guns smoking the trails” which is the biggest Racking horse event of the year in Jamestown Tennessee!

Nitty Gritty is an artist/ entertainer with “catchy and can’t get enough tunes”!

The fans (under 18 – 55 +)say that they can’t get enough of “3 up 1 down ” and are craving more from him!




Greg was also Featured in Indie Music Magazine and was shared on social media which also increased the exposure to his song 3 up 1 down. Greg was also nominated and won in the Indie Artist Magazine Coalition for “Vocalist Of The Year 2017”
Video – greg-roberts-3-1/

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