Papa Satch

Papa Satch is the guitar driven collaboration of the artists Bob Sachnoff and Steve Ronsen .

This album , Soulful Intent, is a collection of ten songs that utilizes elements of Rock, Pop and Country to create a sound all there own.

Papa Satch is a Singer/Songwriter/Producer.

He started his music career as a founding member of the bands “Black Horizon,”Blank Stare” and “Mercy Hit”.

He was a integral member of the seminal rock band “Spoof”.

As producer he wrote sang on and organized the critically acclaimed “Actress, Doggin It” Album..

He is also an award-winning musical director and a member of the wildly popular band Quikdraw.


Steve Ronsen is a versatile singer, songwriter, and musician who clearly defines his own unique brand of guitar-driven pop/rock.

A decade after their first release, Papa Satch is back with a fantastic new album, named Soulful Intent– a string of catchy tunes, each with some soul and backstory that will capture the listener’s imagination. Papa Satch is sure to delight fans and critics once again, with this latest release.

Bob Sachnoff (Papa Satch) isn’t alone on this ride. While the band’s name serves as his alias, he’s accompanied on this album by the very talented Steve Ronsen. Bob and Steve have collaborated to bring something fresh and new to the music world. Bob wrote most of the lyrics and music, and Steve has delivered on the vocals big time. Both Bob and Steve perform the instrumentation, with a sweet sound.

Papa Satch has been featured on Strutter, and has taken home a Golden Viking Award for Best Acoustic Rock Artist. With this album, the duo will make an even bigger mark on the scene Those interested in adding Soulful Intent to their playlist, or speaking with Papa Satch personally, can get in touch via the links below.

Papa Satch is the duo teaming Bob Sachnoff and Steve Ronsen.

Bob previously played with Blade Thompson (bass player for Seal) and has worked with Casey Schmitt (Danger Danger).

Steve has performed with Eddie Money and Charlie Daniels. Both are Long Island born and bred, but come with a multidimensional background.

They released their debut album in 2007.

Today, they’re back with their latest release, Soulful Intent.

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