Reise {rye-zuh) returns with their new single, Thought You Should Know, following the modest grassroots success of their 2016 debut album, Lake (deluxe). “Thought You Should Know” is a heartfelt track, dealing with the realization and acceptance that something has failed, while knowing that one must pick up the and move on whether one wants to or not. It is an internal narrative that stays on a consistent gentle tension that holds throughout the song, without the expected climactic release. The single also features two additional tracks: the pure Alternative Pop/Rock “Sitting in the Dark With Candles”, along with the Oasis and Brit Pop inspired “The One Who Fills My Heart”.

Thought You Should Know was written and recorded during the Lake (deluxe) sessions, and the songs were held back for varying production reasons. All the songs that session have been noted as being very cathartic for the band, as both Christian Helwig (lead vocals) and Matthew Hamilton (guitar) were going through personal issues that somewhat paralleled each other during the writing for the album

Reise’s debut single, “Cannot Say”, was hand-picked by Whotune Music Group, and featured in their Rockstar Rising facebook app, as well as being featured on The WOAFM99 Show, hosted by Platinum Selling Artist & Producer Oliver Sean (VH1 Top 10 / MTV EMA Nominee), and, also received A-List airplay on a number of UK Independent online radio stations.

The second single, “August Moon”, was voted an on overall winner for Radio Airplay’s Summer Song 2017 Contest, receiving featured airplay on Jango Rasio’s Independent Summer 2017 station.

“Shoreline”, the final single from Lake (deluxe), reached #1 om iHeartRadio’s Indie Star Nation: Indie Star Saturday Top 21 Countdown for the week of March 4, 2018 after entering the chart at #16 for the week of February 11, 2018. The track was chosen for “Song of the Week” on Indie Star Nation’s Mini-Jukebox for the week of January 28, 2018.

“There were just so many emotions flowing during the writing sessions for the debut”, explains Christian,”It was like automatic writing when Matt and I got together. Just a flow and connection neither of us experienced before we started writing together.”

“Thought You Should Know”, is an Alternative Pop/Rock gem, and this three track single delivers the passion and emotion you expect from the band. And, if the current growth of Reise is any indication, this release is sure to expand the act’s already growing fan base and awareness.

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