Spyder Darling

Born in upstate New York in 1961 as Scott Michael Shannon, raised on Long Island to a soundtrack of the Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols and Ramones, Spyder Darling blends the attitude of punk with the power of hard rock and a touch of glam just ’cause he can.

A gigging, swigging rocker since Ronald Reagan was president (first term); Spyder’s career has crisscrossed the USA, including gigs at the Whiskey, Roxy and Gazzari’s during the Big Hair 80s in Hollywood and CBGB, Continental, and L’AMOUR in New Work City and carries on in the latest generation of Manhattan and Brooklyn rock clubs.


Out of the Garage Volume 3” (Bongo Boy Records dropped in early 2017 and included Spyder’s ode to downtown nightlife and day strife ‘New York Walkabout’ which also appeared on “Spyder Darling’s Greatest Hits” (Flicknife Records) which is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and wherever fine, fine rock and roll is downloaded.

For the holidays Spyder unleashed ‘Citizen Kane Christmas’ a yuletide song so cinematic and sad it should have come with a bottle of Chivas and a box of Kleenex.

Looking ahead, spring 2018 will zing with Spyder’s latest high octane anthem ‘Carte Blanche’ kicking off “Out of the Garage Volume 4” (Bongo Boy Records). Carte Blanche can currently be heard and downloaded on Spyder’s Soundcloud page.

Finally, regardless of the mood, genre or tempo it’s only rock and roll. And Spyder thanks you for listening and hopes you like it, like it yes you do.

E-mail: spyderdarling@hotmail.com
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