We or Swilly are Indie artists who records, produces and masters all our own material. We are currently at this moment unsigned.

We all live in different locations across the globe but most of the music is constructed in our studio in British Columbia, Canada.

The majority of our music is a blues based rock cause we just love that shit. We will often collaborate with different artists from around the world. While Kevin Campbell provides most of the guitar work you hear, many songs have Klaus Passegger out of Austria adding some lead work. Klaus recently just release an amazing instrumental album. Kevin Campbell has been with Swilly since the beginning and have been in projects together for more years than we care to admit. Jimmy Armstrong is relatively new to the group and really added some flavour to our music both through vocals and guitar work. Jimmy has many solo projects on the go and currently lives in Scotland, UK.

So why the name Swilly? Swilly comes from my name S. Williams and some certain drinking habits. The nickname stuck and now we got Swilly. Some Google searches yields some interesting results on the name but what the hell right. Late last year we release our first full album titled “Play It Loud”. To date we have released 50 singles and loving every minute of it.

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Social Media:
Swilly: https://twitter.com/MySwilly
Swilly Music: https://twitter.com/Swillymusic
Jimmy Armstrong: https://twitter.com/evesdadisbest
Kevin Campbell: https://twitter.com/Guitarplayinggu
Klaus Passegger: https://twitter.com/Klaus_Passegger



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