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The Saw Are a four-piece rock band based on the South Coast of England, The Saw have released 3 albums “Burning Bridges”, “Short Fuse” and the new one “Small Town – In A Big World”.

Burning Bridges & Short Fuse were both recorded at Delmontie Studios in Bournemouth over a 2 year period and have been lovingly crafted by the band and expertly produced by Jack Bass.

Songs by The Saw are constantly played on many radio stations throughout the world, with the USA in particular being a great outlet for our music.

We really appreciate all the stations and DJ’s that give bands like us a voice.

“Small Town – In A Big World”

The new Album by The Saw “Small Town – In A Big World” is now available from Bandcamp

In the days before social media and GPS coordinates, eight people were going about their lives with nothing more than a postcode in common.

The place? A typical English market town where everybody knows everybody’s name and, of course, everybody’s business.

Picture the scene: day-to-day life goes on and racier happenings only take place behind firmly closed doors. The town remains respectable, at first glance, but take a closer look and the cracks start to show. Because a closed door or net curtain doesn’t stop local gossip.

Over time, local gossip becomes public knowledge and, over the passage of time, local folklore becomes fact. Often embellished, always shocking.

That local folklore is the basis of our new album, Small Town. Here, we present eight songs sharing individual stories set in a typical small town environment, and of course a song about the place itself.

It’s a concept album of sorts. Enjoy. Tell us what you think. Share your stories too.

Small Town — In A Big World

These stories are fictitious and any similarity to any person living or dead, or any actual English market town, is entirely co-incidental.

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