Will Sims

Baltimore-based alternative rock and pop artist, Will Sims, creates themes that focus strongly on both romantic and social relationships, and the difficulties faced in our modern society.

His rich, powerful music reaches out to connect on a personal level while still maintaining infectious components that make his songs stick in your head.

Through his music, Sims tries to answer questions about how relationships work and the roads people take to get to where they are.

He aims to reach out to those who are struggling to let them know that they can make it through the hard times because others have been through the same ordeals.

With music that is catchy, fun, and occasionally emotional, Will Sims aspires to make a connection with his audience in a way that will be as timeless as his music.



Sims’ music has been featured on radio stations in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina as well as online radio stations and podcasts.

He has played shows in Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas, and opened for several national acts including: Saving Abel, Adema, 12 Stones, Smile Empty Soul, Charm City Devils, Otep, Taproot, Hurt, Kip Winger, Faster Pussycat, Almost Kings, and The Dreaming.

Will Sims is sure to impact you in more ways than one with his music.

Band Description: Sims’ music echoes the work of the 90’s alternative rock movement by incorporating various genres of music as a palette to paint different styles of imagery into his music.

“Whether you’re looking for a fun song to dance to, a potential first dance tune to pull on the heartstrings, or an angry love-hate tune – Will Sims’ new EP, May Never Be Forgotten, has it.”

– Lindsay McIntyre, May Never Be Forgotten review (Jul 04, 2016)

“Amber Eyes is a big song, a song that is meant to be played loud and energetically. It’s the type of song that a band closes a show with – big percussion, lots of guitar and Lindsay’s sexy “oohs” fading over the audience as the curtains close. This is the first taste of Will Sims that I’ve had, but it definitely makes me thirsty for more.”

– Lindsay McIntyre – Creative Control Magazine, Will Sims – Amber Eyes (Feb 01, 2016)


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